Lovin' It: McDonald's Giving Away Diamond Bling

Fun Facts
09/02/2018 16:13

The "On a roll" collection by Nadine Ghosn must have some special sauce, as it has gained some big-time attention: notably, from McDonald's. The fast-food giant approached the designer and asked her to collaborate on a project in honor of the Big Mac’s 50th anniversary this year, writes Ashley Davis for National Jeweler. Based on her original hamburger ring that won Best in Innovative at the 2017 Couture Design Awards last June, Ghosn designed a new hamburger ring, featuring "seven tiers of bling": the one-of-a-kind “Bling Mac". “They were very adamant about having every burger ingredient represented in the ring,” Ghosn told Davis. The ring’s retail value is $12,500, but one consumer will receive it for free; McDonald’s is giving away the “Bling Mac” to the customer who posts the funniest tweet demonstrating their love for the Big Mac. The competition, Davis explains, is meant to be a play on traditional ads about love and jewelry leading up to Valentine's Day.

Ghosn told National Jeweler, “I think it’s a really cool collaboration because it’s a mass fast-food chain working with fun fine jewelry, and it’s not often that you see that. This is exactly what I wanted, disruptive but very much aligned (with my humor).” She explained, “I’ve been approached by different companies and, for me, I had no hesitation. I thought the concept was great. Because I’ve become so linked to the burger, I thought if I’m going to collaborate with anyone it might as well be the best.” Follow the link to read more about Nadine Ghosn and the story of the 'Bling Mac'. Click here to watch McDonald's cheeky ad.