Antwerp Diamond Bank Grants Account Holders Extension

Finance and Trade
02/04/2015 21:47

ADB today announced to AWDC that it is going to give a two-month (until June 30) extension to all clients. This extension enables ADB account holders to continue their search for a new bank. However, the closure of ADB remains a fact and AWDC cautions that time is of the essence to make all efforts necessary to open a new bank account. ADB will be sending a letter to all its clients today to inform them about the new deadline. A contract will be included along with this letter. Clients must sign this contract and return it to ADB before April 27 so that they are in order during this time. If the contract is not returned to ADB or is returned too late, the April 30 deadline for termination of account holders' contracts will remain in force. Through its dedicated Bank Account Helpdesk, AWDC will assist companies in any way possible provided that they can demonstrate that they have made a serious effort to obtain a payment facility at another bank.