HB Antwerp, Lucara & Louis Vuitton Partner to Polish 549ct Sethunya

Finance and Trade
04/11/2020 21:22

Lucara, HB Antwerp and Louis Vuitton have added another exceptional stone to the miner, manufacturer and retailer collaboration that started with the 1.758ct Sewelô, announced earlier this year. In a release, Lucara says the partners will jointly plan, cut and polish the 549ct white diamond, Sethunya or Flower in Setswana, discovered in the Karowe mine in Botswana in February of this year.  The resulting polished will be crafted from the exceptional large, high quality stone, using HB Antwerp's state of the art technology and fully to the wishes of its future owner, through an exclusivity deal with luxury brand Louis Vuitton. Not only will the miner benefit from sharing in the proceeds of the achieved polished, the process of including clients in the process of creating the polished stone is a radical change from how diamonds are traditionally traded, manufactured and sold.