Antwerp Diamond Bourse Announces New Board of Directors

Finance and Trade
23/05/2019 16:41

The Antwerp Diamond Bourse (Beurs voor Diamanthandel) has made just one change in its 2019 composition of its Board of Directors, adding Mr. Bhavesh Morakhia as a new director. Jacques Korn remains President, David Gotlib remains the Bourse's Vice President, while Rajender Gehani and Raphael Rubin have been reelected as Executive Directors. Members of the board are elected for a four-year period. The Bourse fosters the interests of the Antwerp diamond industry, provides a range of services and includes a multi-level dispute resolution system managed by the Board of Directors in conjunction with the Federation of Belgian Diamond Bourses, according to its rules and regulations. These form part of the broader dispute resolution procedures under the umbrella of the Federation of Belgian Diamond Bourses.

Founded on June 7th 1904 by Antwerp diamond merchants keen to move their diamond dealing from café Petit Duc - conveniently located on the street next to Antwerp Central railway station - to a more secure and structured place of business, the Antwerp Diamond Bourse has contributed its own rich, 110 year chapter to the 570 year history of diamonds in the city.

The full composition of the Antwerp Diamond Bourse's Board of Directors is:

  • Mr. Jacques Korn, President
  • Mr. David Gotlib, Vice President
  • Mr. Rajender Gehani, Executive Director
  • Mr. Raphael Rubin, Executive Director


  • Mr. Jeffrey Fuhrman
  • Mr. Raphael Haberkorn
  • Mr. Amish Jain
  • Mr. Ziv Knoll
  • Mr. Barak Levy 
  • Mr. Bhavesh Morakhia
  • Mr. Michel Nasielski
  • Mrs. Eva Van Looveren