Rapaport in-depth: US Jewelers Optimistic but Cautious

03/07/2020 15:03

In an extensive report, Rapaport spoke to a number of jewelers across the US, gauging how businesses are faring through the COVID-19 pandemic. Although circumstances were different throughout the US, with states deciding independently on how strict they applied lockdown measures, the majority of retailers came up with ways to adapt, through appointments, curbside pickups or even home deliveries. The impact of the global pandemic is hitting jewelry retail sales, but many jewelers seem optimistic. In the past few weeks, they have seen customers coming back, and although most report there are less of them, the value of jewelry sold is significantly higher than in pre-covid times. In addition, more people are keen to buy locally, an added value for the smaller independents that make up a large chunk of the retail landscape in the US. The retailers who spoke to Rapaport in this special report seem to be more optimistic about recovery than some analyst, hoping to see a return to normal by Christmas this year.