Rob Bates: Ceasefire Between Natural & LGD Needed

07/12/2019 09:07

In his latest editorial, JCK editor-in-chief and industry expert Rob Bates makes a case for a ceasefire between the natural diamond industry and the lab-grown sector.

In recent months the mudslinging back and forth between the two "intimately connected sectors" has reached new heights, which Bates believes will be negative in the long run for the entire industry, natural and LGD alike.

For a product that is under increased scrutiny from its consumers and which has to compete with other luxury items more than ever, the industry as a whole would benefit from tackling a myriad of challenges, such as ethical questions, socio-economic and ecological impact, together.

Instead of competing against each other for a piece of the pie, Bates concludes, collaborating could even enlarge the pie, rather than splitting it.