PAC Report Holds Local Governments And Dubai Accountable In Gold Smuggling Great Lakes Region

18/07/2015 07:12

In a new report, Partnership Africa Canada (PAC) examines the artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) gold sector in the Great Lakes (ICGLR) region, analysing both its size and the extent to which ASM gold produced in the region is smuggled either across local borders or out the region completely. The study notes the extent to which cross-border movement of gold within the ICGLR region now pales in comparison to the volume of ASM gold that is smuggled out of the region and exported illegally, principally to the United Arab Emirates. Illegal smuggling deprives the regional governments of an estimated US$22 million in tax revenue the report claims. PAC also states the failure to effectively control smuggling also rests with the actors in the major destination for ASM gold from the region, the United Arab Emirates, where the report claims ineffective controls are implemented by purchasers, customs and import controls, refiners and banks.