Investors Taking Note of Diamonds and Gems

30/11/2017 12:06

As has happened with fine art, wine, and other categories, well-informed consumers are rapidly recognizing the opportunities inherent in jewelry and, in the process, driving up the prices of an already limited commodity. Just 10 years ago, a buyer could have bought a vivid blue diamond for $200,000 to $300,000 per carat; today, that same stone is fetching $2 million to $3 million per carat. This tenfold increase in value surpasses the growth rate of the S&P 500 and most real estate markets ... Though such swift appreciation often leads to a correction, many of the savviest market experts see no signs of a sell-off ... Jewelry’s rising value is now outpacing that of classic cars.

- Jill Newman, from "Why Diamonds and Gems Are Catching the Eye of Serious Investors"