Minister of Mines on Sierra Leone’s Resource Investment Potential

Mining and Exploration
28/11/2017 09:46

The discovery of these two stones [709 & 476-carat] means we have immense resource potential. There is excellent investor trust in Sierra Leone. The proceeds from the sale will have a knock-on effect for investors and government, and a direct impact on the community where they were found. It highlights the great opportunity to partner with Sierra Leone in terms of resources. It is all about getting the right taxes from the right value. Koin knows exactly what we want from this remarkable diamond - the best price, great publicity for our diamonds and the opportunity to showcase Sierra Leone’s transparency and accountability to the people.

- Alhaji Minkailu Mansaray, Minister of Mines and Mineral Resource of Sierra Leone, in conversation with The Diamond Loupe for Part 2, "Partnership for Prosperity".