ALROSA Recovers Three Large Diamonds from Jubilee Pipe in October

Mining and Exploration
08/11/2017 18:03

ALROSA today announced the recovery of several large rough diamonds from Jubilee (Yubileynaya) pipe at Aikhal Mining and Processing Division in October. The gem-quality diamonds include an 82.82-carat octahedron rough diamond measuring 23.28 x 19.06 x 18.8 x 15.94 mm -  a transparent yellow-tinted crystal with small inclusions; a 108.34-carat diamond (pictured) measuring 23 x 20.56 x 18.07 x 17.86 mm - a transparent yellow-tinted crystal with small inclusions; and a 163.11-carat diamond measuring 26.67 x 25.59 x 22.4 mm - a transparent yellow-hue crystal with inclusions near the surface. 

ALROSA considers these recoveries an exceptional find. “Simultaneous extraction of three large rough diamonds, two of which are over 100 carats, within such a short period of time is a one-off event especially when it comes to gem-quality diamonds. As a rule, only 5-10 similar stones over 100 carats may be recovered within a year, and they are always in great demand at auctions. In the short term, rough diamonds will be delivered to the United Selling Organization (USO) ALROSA, where our experts will give them a detailed assessment,” noted the Director of the USO ALROSA Evgeny Agureev. The Jubilee pipe is traditionally ALROSA’s leader in the recovery of large diamonds. Twenty rough diamonds over 50 carats have been extracted from Jubilee since the beginning of 2017. Unique names are often given to the facts of recovery of such stones. For instance, in the fall this year the fact of recovery of another 51.91-carat rough diamond from Jubilee was named “Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov”.