John Mayer’s Diamond-Encrusted Big Lebowski Pendant (it abides)

31/10/2017 14:30

Musician John Mayer decided to make a splash to celebrate his 40th birthday on October 16. GQ's Max Berlinger writes: "To mark the occasion, Mayer commissioned a particularly ridiculous piece from L.A.-based jeweler to the stars Ben Baller of If & Co. Now, Mayer is no stranger to a lavish jewelry purchase—he's got Patek Philippe watches worth more than most cars—but this time around he really outdid himself. How? We're talking about a necklace featuring the diamond-encrusted head of The Dude from The Big Lebowski."

Jeweler Ben Baller calls it one of his best and most valuable pieces ever. It includes 41 carats of VVS-quality white diamonds. “That’s currency, and it doesn’t change,” he stated.

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