HRD Antwerp Launches ID CARD for Diamonds Under 1 Carat

26/10/2017 12:17

HRD Antwerp today launched its new diamond ID CARD: a highly affordable grading report for diamonds that weigh between 0.08 and 0.998 carats. "With this new product, we aim to bring a comprehensive solution to one of the diamond market’s main current challenges: ensuring confidence in small-sized diamonds," says Michel Janssens, CEO of HRD Antwerp. "Indeed, 99% of the polished diamonds traded annually in the world are below 0.30ct, but the overwhelming majority of these diamonds are not graded because the cost of grading them cuts too deeply into their profit margin.” HRD Antwerp hopes its ID CARD will prove to be a game-changer when it comes to ensuring confidence in all sizes of diamonds, and particularly the smaller sizes.

The ID CARD is available in two versions depending on the weight of the stone submitted for grading. The ID CARD is issued for diamonds ranging from 0.08 carats to 0.298 carats, and offers a description of the diamond’s colour, clarity, proportions and fluorescence. The ID CARD PLUS is produced for diamonds ranging from 0.30 carat to 0.998. carat, and offers a description of the diamond’s colour, clarity, proportions, symmetry, polish and fluorescence. The PLUS version will also be available for diamonds under 0.30 carats upon request. Janssens explains that HRD Antwerp examined each step in the diamond grading process, and then designed a number of semi-automated, high-tech devices to execute a select number of grading procedures. "Extensive testing and trails have proven that these automated procedures are reliable, repeatable and the results extremely consistent. As a result, HRD Antwerp remains at the cutting edge of diamond grading technology."

HRD Antwerp's ID CARD integrates a variety of high-tech security measures in its credit-card sized, tamper-resistant polycarbonate holder. In addition to the diamond holder itself, which enables diamond owners keep their diamond's information and identity safely in their wallet, each diamond is provided a digital photographic fingerprint and a unique QR code linking to online information about the diamond, as well as a laser inscription of the Diamond ID number indicated on the ID CARD. The latter is done using high-quality excimer short-wave technology, so it cannot be detected by the naked eye and does not alter the appearance of the stone.