HRD Antwerp To Launch ID Card for Diamonds Under 1 Carat

20/10/2017 09:22

Next week, on October 26, HRD Antwerp is planning to launch a brand new product that it says will be a revolutionary concept on the diamond grading landscape, the HRD Antwerp diamond ID Card for diamonds smaller than 1 carat. While the details have yet to be released, HRD Antwerp says their new product will help keep the European gemological lab at the cutting edge of diamond grading technology.

Edith Castus, Head of Marketing and Communication at HRD Antwerp, says, “I don’t want to give away all the details before the launch, but we really believe the new ID Card is going to be a game-changer when it comes to consumer confidence. We  listened to jewelry manufacturers, retail jewelers as well as consumers around the world, and have come up with an affordable yet comprehensive solution for smaller-sized diamonds - a glaring need on the polished diamond market. ” The launch of the HRD Antwerp ID Card is scheduled to take place at the AWDC building in the heart of the Antwerp diamond district.