Alrosa’s Debut to the FTSE4Good Index

15/09/2017 17:41

ALROSA has been included on the FTSE4Good international rating, an index series designed to support investment in companies based on their environmental, social and governance criteria, for the first time. The rating system serves as an indicator of compliance with internationally recognized standards of the above mentioned criteria.

"The inclusion in the FTSE4Good international index is a remarkable event for Alrosa. We are pleased to see our Company as part of one of the world's largest sustainable development ratings. As a mining company, Alrosa primarily works to minimize the negative impact on the environment, strives for the rational use of mineral resources, and as a region-forming enterprise it responsibly approaches the development of the regions of its presence, taking into account the interests of the indigenous people, observing the rights of the employees and implementing corporate social programs. To strengthen the status of a socially responsible Company, we will continue to improve the effectiveness of our social and environmental policy," said Alrosa President Sergey Ivanov.

In 2016 Alrosa’s social investments, including regional development programs, corporate social programs for the employees and their family members and charity projects exceeded $173 million, and the costs of environmental activities amounted to $95 million. The MSCI ESG rating system and the environmental responsibility rating of Russian mining companies, where Alrosa ranks third, have recognized and rated the company for its CSR compliance in the past.