A War of Words: Synthetic Diamonds’ Disruptive Power Hangs on Terminology

Opinion piece
03/09/2017 23:09

Currently, the Federal Trade Commission is considering letting the term 'cultured' be added to these currently accepted descriptions of man-made versions, such as 'lab-created' or 'laboratory grown'. The mined-diamond industry is fighting this addition tooth and nail, while the man-made producers are intent upon dropping any reference to 'laboratory created' or 'laboratory grown' in favor of 'cultured' alone ... In the end it's marketing that is going to make or break the cultivated-diamond industry’s potential to disrupt the natural-diamond market ... It’s likely to all come down to a battle over words: cultured vs. man-made, cultivated vs. laboratory-grown. In marketing, perception is reality. The future potential for cultivated diamonds will largely depend upon what the FTC allows them to be called.

- Pamela N. Danziger, market researcher, speaker and author.