Sarine Tech To Offer Fully Automated Diamond Grading

01/09/2017 15:23

Sarine Technologies has announced it is, "expanding its services, adding 4Cs grading and diamond identification to its Sarine Profile Report." Using proprietary tools including its automated clarity, color, cut and light performance grading technologies along with advanced synthetic diamond and treatment detection methods, Sarine claims it will be able to, "deliver an unmatched level of accurate, repeatable and automated diamond grading with less subjectivity and far fewer human errors. This will induce the entire industry pipeline, as well as the consumer, to have a much higher level of confidence in the diamond’s characteristics as detailed in the report."

Their new enhanced 4Cs Sarine Profile report will, optionally, include advanced synthetic diamond and treatment detection. Sarine is closely collaborating with GGTL Laboratories, a prestigious independent Swiss gem lab and a global leader in research of synthetic diamonds and other treatments. Clients will have the option to have a 4Cs grading and diamond verification report, the standard Sarine Profile report including light performance, the hearts & arrows pattern and advanced 3D diamond imaging, or an all-inclusive combination provided in one comprehensive report. Sarine CEO David Block said, "The days of dry, technical, non- intuitive diamond reports are coming to an end. Sarine's new reports can provide consumers with a more reliable and coherent way to buy diamonds and diamond jewellery, and can support the entire diamond pipeline with a new level of accuracy, objectivity and repeatability." 

Sarine Diamond Technologies will display their latest equipment and technology next week at the Antwerp World Diamond Centre's Tech Expo in the Antwerp Rough Diamond Bourse (Antwerpsche Diamantkring) from September 5-7. The Tech Expo is being held in cooperation with AWDC, the Belgian Federation of Diamond Bourses and the Syndicate of the Belgian Diamond Industry in the framework of the Antwerp Summer University.