Koin International To Tender Merlin Diamonds in Antwerp

Mining and Exploration
24/08/2017 11:47

Merlin Diamonds Ltd has shipped a parcel of rough diamonds to Koin International (Koin) following the receipt of the requisite Kimberley Process Certificate for an auction commencing on August 30. The Merlin diamond mine in Australia’s Northern Territories is famous for producing large, high clarity, white, high value diamonds, including the largest diamond ever unearthed in Australia, at 104.73 carats. Just this past year, Merlin has recovered a blue diamond, five green diamonds, the fifth largest diamond ever recovered in Australia (35.26 ct) and two pink diamonds, indicating the great potential for this young mining operation. Merlin has 14 known diamond-bearing kimberlite pipes and is the only operating mine in Australia aside from Argyle. The recovery of large stones and overall volume at Merlin is set to increase through implementation of a new Tomra XRT machine being installed in October 2017.

Koin provides specialist rough and polished diamond expertise and services, specifically diamond tenders and auctions, to select clients globally. They conduct sales every month with original productions from across the globe (Africa, Australia and South America to name a few locations). Merlin have chosen Koin as its preferred tender house, to bring this exciting new production and sourcing opportunity to the diamond market. Koin has included the diamonds in its August/September 2017 Rough Sales scheduled for 30 August to 6 September 2017.