Chow Tai Fook Launches Traceable Diamond Jewelry Brand

17/08/2017 14:49

Chow Tai Fook launched CHOW TAI FOOK T MARK, a new jewelry brand with diamonds exclusively from their ‘T Mark’ collection. Each stone is inscribed with the brands patented technology enabling customers to track the stones journey from sourcing - processing, cutting, polishing, authentication, design - to production.

The “To Tell the Truth” campaign was released last year in an effort to differentiate the brand by designing a method for consumers to track the journey of their diamonds from source to finger. The "four Ts" concept, representing “traceable, transparent, truthful and thoughtful,” was the foundation for this new brand.

The company claims the technology produces the smallest mark in the industry - so small that another piece of patented technology, a 150X microscope, is required to see it. The T Mark will be applied to most of the company’s stones starting from 0.15 carats, SI clarity and K color.

The ‘T Mark Touch’ collection, which was previously only available at the brands “To Tell the Truth Journey” exhibition in Hong Kong, will reach 200 stores in Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China by the end of August. Select stores will have the retail 'experience zone', where the brand provides a detailed explanation of the 4T concept, aided by holographic representations, and explains how the 'T mark' tracks the entire process of diamond making and how the information is open to the public and hence transparent and trustworthy.