Kennady Diamonds: Positive Sampling Recoveries, Largest Stones To Date

Mining and Exploration
19/06/2017 15:08

Canadian junior miner Kennady Diamonds has announced "positive" diamond recovery results from sampling from the Faraday 3 and Faraday 1 kimberlites on its Kennady North Project, including the largest high-quality diamonds to date on the project, with a 7.78ct white gem-quality stone as well as numerous diamonds exceeding one carat. The samples were collected during the winter 2017 program that was designed to further delineate both kimberlites as well as to recover sufficient carats from Faraday 3 for valuation. The company summarizes the most relevant results as follows:

Faraday 3: A total of 460.5 carats of diamonds (+0.85mm) were recovered from 276.4 tons for a sample grade of 1.67 carats per ton. The largest stone recovered is a 7.78 carat white/colorless octahedral gem with no inclusions. A total of 26 diamonds of one carat or greater were recovered, of which nine are gem quality and seven are "near gem" quality. Since drilling was designed to sample the thickest parts of the pipe in order to maximize carats recovered for the purpose of resource definition, the sample grade reported here may not be representative of the grade of the entire kimberlite pipe. They describe four diamonds between 3.08 and 4.02 carats. President and CEO of Kennady Diamonds, Dr. Rory Moore commented: "As with Faraday 2, the size distribution and quality characteristics of the Faraday 3 diamonds appear better than those recovered from Kelvin to date, with a notable trend of increased quality with diamond size and a higher incidence of well-formed crystals in the larger size fractions."

Faraday 1: A total of 76.8 carats of diamonds (+0.85mm) were recovered from 26.37 tons for a sample grade of 2.91 carats per ton. The largest stone recovered is a 3.21 carat white/colorless tetrahexahedron. A total of 8 diamonds of one carat or greater were recovered. Dr. Moore commented: "We are highly encouraged by these initial results for Faraday 1 that confirm the high-grade nature of the kimberlite. The recovery of eight diamonds larger than one carat in size from such a small sample provides strong evidence for a robust size distribution, which together with quality characteristics that are similar to the diamonds recovered from the other Faraday pipes, confirms its potential to add considerable value to the growing diamond resource on the Kennady North Project."