‘Diamonds Do Good’ Reaches the Millennials

30/05/2017 16:26

According to the Diamond Empowerment Fund their new millennial oriented campaign ‘Diamonds do Good’ had reached three million consumers within their target group. The strategy to spread the word on the campaign includes a revamped website, a targeted media plan which is shared on Hulu, Pandora and YouTube, and an online influencer strategy. DEF said the message of ‘Diamonds Do Good’ is resonating with consumers. On Hulu alone, the 'Diamonds Do Good' campaign video performed 100% better than the average campaign in number of completed views, and 300% better in number of viewers who clicked through to the site.

The revamped website keeps current with millennial trends and likes. There are new sections which include celebrities who share similar views and promote the message to ‘do good,’ and a dedicated section titled ‘Neighborhood Jewelers Strengthening Community Ties’ which serves as a platform to tell the stories of independent jewelers who are giving back to their own communities.

In an effort to help retailers share this powerful message the organization will be making a presentation of “What Your Customers Want – and Need – To Know: How Diamonds Do Good” at JCK’s trade fair on June 5 at 2 p.m. in Tradewinds C/D. The purpose of which is to help retailers communicate this powerful message to their existing and new customers. DEF added that a simple, but comprehensive toolkit will be discussed including tips on how to engage customers in store and online and how individual retailers can get their stories uploaded to the website.