ALROSA Unearths 60+ Carat Rough Diamond

Mining and Exploration
26/05/2017 15:20

Russia’s dimond mining giant ALROSA recovered a 60.32 carat rough diamond which experts believe could yield up to US$174.5 thousand per carat.  The Octahedron crystal is transparent with a yellow hue and was recovered at Mirny’s Mining and Processing Division, from the Gornoye alluvial deposit. It is the only plant in Russia which processes rough diamonds recovered by dredging fleet.

The Gornoye alluvial deposit was discovered in 1956 and is located on the left bank of the Malaya Botuobiya river, 26km south-east of Mirny. In 2016, Mirny’s mining and processing division produced nearly 5.3 million carats of rough diamonds, approximately 21% of all rough diamonds mined by the ALROSA Group.