First Edition of CARAT+ Diamond Event in Antwerp Welcomes 3,000 Visitors

10/05/2017 10:09

The first edition of CARAT+, the new diamond and diamond-jewelry exclusive trade show in Antwerp, concluded its final day of trading on a positive note, the organizers announce. Official data indicates that over the three-day period, CARAT+ recorded 2,927 visitors from 29 different countries; they were welcomed by 116 exhibitors from 14 countries. The organizers have already set a date for the second edition: 6 + 7 + 8 May 2018. 

Prominent guests at the event included Paola De Luca, founder and creative director of The Futurist - a trend-forecasting and creative intelligence firm specialising in the luxury and jewelry sectors - and recognized as one of the most prominent trends specialists in jewelry business, who spoke about the massive change in the diamond markets instigated by consumer demographics. De Luca urged show goers to become more acutely attuned to social networks, which indicate product directions, tastes and habits among Millennial consumers, and make it easy to read what the market is looking for. She noted that one of the industry most reliable mainstays, bridal jewelry, is being inexorably altered, largely due to changing perceptions of partnership and marriage. “New sets of values are transforming conventional rituals,” Ms. De Luca stated. “Millennials are breaking the rules and reassessing conventional weddings. Reinterpreting bridal jewelry and how to sell it is the next challenge.” In short, diamond culture inevitably must follow changes in society and to be relevant it is crucial that the industry to play a key role online as part of its consumers’ everyday life.