Guangzhou Diamond Exchange Holds First Rough Diamond Sales

Rough Market
01/05/2017 10:55

On April 21, Guangzhou Diamond Exchange (GZDE) held his first rough diamond sales, the GZDE communicates in a press release. "This is the first rough diamond exhibition and open sales in mainland China." They were able to hold the sale as a result of permission granted by AQSIQ, the ministry in charge of Kimberley Process Certification Scheme in China, as well as customs and other relative authorities, they said. GZDE implemented three selling modes for the rough diamonds: allocation, negotiation and online auction. The sales period lasted two and a half days. They did not report on level of sales, but called it a, "groundbreaking success".

GZDE also hosted a Diamond and Jewelry Business Conference & Rough Diamonds Trading Fair in Schenzen, where they released eight trading services for the diamond industry to develop new channels and to open up new markets.