London Diamond Bourse Appoints Dedicated Ethics Advisor

03/04/2017 12:17

The London Diamond Bourse (LDB) has announced the appointment of Katherine Chappell as its Special Advisor for Ethical Issues to its Council of Management. Chappell has more than twenty years experience in the gemstone industry, is a longstanding member of London Diamond Bourse, a specialist in fair trade principles and a proponent of ethical sourcing and distribution. She is also a member of Women in Mining.

Victoria McKay, COO commented, “Kathy’s knowledge of the gemstone and diamond industry is second to none with particular emphasis on ethical sourcing and fair trade principles. For LDB, this means we can enhance our conversations around responsible sourcing and engage in a more relevant dialogue at the same time as strengthening the Bourse’s understanding of specialist issues.” Chapell adds, “There are clear opportunities for the London Diamond Bourse in this area and I am excited about the prospect of working with the management team and clarifying the industry’s fair trade principles. We will achieve much together.”