ALROSA President Ivanov: Vladivostok Will Become Diamond Center

03/04/2017 13:49

"Just last week, Yury Trutnev [Deputy Prime Minister and Presidential Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District] held a meeting to support the Russian diamond-cutting industry, and a number of decisions were made that will help the Russian diamond-cutting industry to overcome the crisis and compete with foreign companies. The issue of developing Vladivostok on the basis of a free port was discussed at the meeting, and Vladivostok will develop as a diamond center. We have good plans, and we think there are good prospects," said new president of ALROSA, Sergei Ivanov, in an interview with Rough-Polished.

In March, Trutnev visited Vietnam and India, devoting some of his time to the diamond and jewelry industry. In an interview with Rough-Polished about that mission, Trutnev is quoted as saying, "We have lost everything because our regulators have created such a customs and tariff system that all this business went away from us. So, it is necessary to change everything ... Why do we have a whole lot of restrictions related to the turnover of stones, with a value-added tax, with export duties on precious goods, which are simply killing the industry? But this does not mean that everything should be dumped on ALROSA and make it build diamond cutting facilities and jewelry factories. ALROSA should not do it, but it should take part together with the government in the development of a system of measures that will allow this business to be established in the country and let those companies that already exist to survive, creating conditions for further development.

It is interesting that our Indian colleagues also understand that otherwise there will be an unequal game, they understand that we have reasons to wish leaving in Russia more value from processing, cutting and making jewelry. We are still regulating this industry in a very poor manner. It looks as if there is every condition in place to make all this business flee from this country." With a view to develop the jewelry and diamond-cutting industry in Russia, on March 15 a diamond customs terminal was opened in Vladivostok, the first in the Far East, which will control the movement of precious stones and metals together with controllers from Gokhran. The aim is to strengthen the supervision over legitimate operations, as well as to perform customs procedures and pass customs clearance in the shortest possible time. The customs terminal is located on the premises of the temporary storage warehouse of the Eurasian Diamond Center.