Pangolin Confirms Diamonds in Six Zones at Malatswae Project, Botswana

Mining and Exploration
16/03/2017 16:56

Pangolin Diamonds Corp.,a diamond exploration company in Botswana, has confirmed in a project update the presence of diamonds in six geographically different zones within the Malatswae Diamond Project. The focus at the Malatswae Diamond Project has been on six separate kimberlite sources and geographic zones producing indicator minerals within a 30km x 20km area of the project. A total of sixteen +0.5mm diamonds have now been discovered in soil samples within these six zones. Three new diamonds not previously reported have been recently discovered, with one measuring +2mm in all directions, clear and white in color. 

The statements adds, "Botswana has experienced a most unusual heavy rain season. The wet conditions have adversely affected the soil sampling programme progress in terms of access to certain areas. The heavy rain has not affected processing of soil samples through the DMS plant and the detailed ground magnetics." The company says its treasury is fully funded to complete the above described exploration programs.