Australia’s Merlin Diamonds Recovers Five Green Diamonds

Mining and Exploration
14/03/2017 16:42

Merlin Diamonds Ltd., the owner of the Merlin diamond mine in the Northern Territory, Australia, has announced the recovery of five green diamonds from the Kaye pit, amongst them intense greens. The largest green diamond recovered is 1.4cts. They also note that more green diamonds have been recovered from the ongoing mining operations at Merlin, and are being validated by independent experts. "The recovery of these green diamonds", the company states, "is highly encouraging and follows Merlin Diamond’s previous discovery of a rare blue diamond in December 2016, demonstrating the mine’s potential for producing valuable coloured diamonds."

Merlin Diamonds recommenced operations in September 2016. In addition to the rare blue diamond, in January 2017 they recovered a 35.26 carat brown diamond, claimed to  be the fifth largest diamond discovered in Australia. The largest diamond ever found in Australia, a 104.73 carat white gem-quality stone was recovered from Merlin in 2002 and was valued at about US$525,000. The statement provides a link for more information about green diamonds