Luxury Brands to Embrace Authentic Marketing

27/02/2017 14:30

Authentic advertising campaigns are the next Big thing when targeting millennials, who prefer seeing real people facing situations they could identify with. This strategy is quickly gaining popularity with leading brands in their attempt to reach the everyday consumer, who is more laid-back than previous generations. Italian Jeweler Pomellato, celebrating its 50th anniversary, implemented this tactic and linked their campaign with female empowerment, a movement that is being encouraged through various platforms.

"The pursuit of a deeper more thoughtful humanity is real," said Chris Ramey, president of Affluent Insights, Miami. "Brands are tapping into the zeitgeist of our time to match their target affluent prospect’s values." To accompany the new advertising campaign, a hashtag was created #PomellatoForWomen, which summarizes the “powerful, diverse, passionate and proud” statements the brand wants to encourage. "Every luxury marketer has to ask themselves, ‘To whom does our best prospect relate?’," Ramey said. "The definition of beauty evolves as does the definition of luxury.

For Pomellato’s 2017 campaign, Mr. Lindbergh, known as a master of realism, photographed “real women who speak to real women.” The campaign features six women; artist Anh Duong, nutritionist Rosemary Ferguson, brand advisor Helen Nonini, art curator Caroline Corbetta, model and visual artist Larissa Hofmann and writer Pihla Hintikka. Each candid featured the women wearing different signature Pomellato pieces as well as a selection from its latest collection, Ritratto, which in English translates to portrait. "Ensuring authenticity is increasingly important to affluent women; it’s how they often define themselves," Ramey concluded.