Diamond Producers Association Goes Prime Time at Oscars

Retail and Consumer Confidence
26/02/2017 07:44

The Academy Awards taking place tonight are not only Hollywood cinema's biggest night of the year, but are also one of the most pivotal annual events for fashion, brands and iconic jewelry. The Diamond Producers Association (DPA), formed in 2015 by seven of the world’s leading diamond mining companies to maintain and enhance consumer demand for, and confidence in diamonds, have seized the occasion to take its “Real is Rare. Real is a Diamond” campaign prime time. The DPA will run a 15-second format of its "Runaways" ad for the first time on a major network. DPA CEO Jean-Marc Lieberherr recently said in a presentation at the Israel Diamond Exchange that, “we will be the only industry marketing on Oscar night, and ABC have expressed great interest in the cinematographic value of our films”.

The DPA campaign has already gained widespread appeal, particularly among its target audience - the Millennial generation - through social media, rather than television. And according to Adweek - while, "Last year’s Oscars drew its smallest 18-49 audience in at least two decades", it is important to keep in mind that, "even with those lower ratings, the ceremony was still the fourth most watched telecast of 2016", with an estimated 34.4 million viewers. Prime time indeed. One of the DPA's founding members, De Beers, will also once again have its Forevermark jewelry on display for Hollywood's biggest party.

Meanwhile, as National Jeweler reports, Swarovski will attempt to crash the diamond party with Atelier Swarovski’s first fine-jewelry line featuring synthetic diamond crystals, launching as part of the Red Carpet Green Dress initiative. Asked about their initiative, DPA's Lieberherr told us, “We share Swarovski’s respect and fascination for the environment. Diamonds are Earth’s organic treasures, and modern mining allows them to be unearthed while respecting fully the biodiversity of the environment so consumers can fully enjoy these gifts of nature.” Asked whether it concerned him in any way, Lieberherr added, “Swarovski is consistent in applying its expertise in industrial cutting and mass market branding to a new type of manufactured crystal offer for the fashion accessory consumer. Diamonds, by contrast, are natural, unique and precious, and cannot be reproduced ad infinitum on a weekly basis. These products are not comparable.”