TEDx Tech Talk: Turning Diamonds Into an Asset Class

23/02/2017 18:05

Joseph Lipton, inventor and CEO of VULT - a digital diamond exchange platform seeking to turn diamonds into a true tangible asset class - presented his cutting-edge ideas about the future of global wealth at a very special TEDxFultonStreet Salon about “Things You Can’t Have” with other thought leaders in NYC. The talk explores a breakthrough opportunity created for wealth storage and transportation where modern, patent-pending security technology is matched with the dense value of high-quality diamonds. Simply put, VULT allows anyone to carry up to $250,000 in their pocket, confident in the underlying value anywhere on the globe.

The TEDxFultonStreet producers also created a 360° Video experience with a deeper interview and a tour of the laboratory where VULTs are built to order, using a patented process to house investment-quality GIA-Graded diamonds into a proprietary multi-layer mix of physical security which includes a non-metallic sintered zirconium case, high-tech resin embedded with randomized optical identification, and other measures to prevent alteration and fraud. 

Watch the TEDx Talk here.