New Jewelry Trading App Brings Innovative Tech to Industry

07/02/2017 15:30

Two professional jewelers are seeking to fill a market need by launching an app for the industry, Jewellery Trader, which gives members of the trade a new tool for sourcing and showcasing jewelry, watches and antiques. It also enables traders to advertise items for sale to consumers. The Jewellery Trader app was designed in an effort to provide an “innovative, cost effective selling tool in an easy to use and manage platform”. The user-friendly app works by allowing sellers to list items for sale at trade prices for fellow traders and by displaying adapted prices with added margins for direct consumer sales, on a no-commission basis. Should the app's marketplace take-off, the developers believe it will be a tool that could cut down on legwork when looking for specific items, as well as connect traders and consumers from all around the world, through their phones.

According to the app co-founder, Daniel Seller, traders were looking for alternative ways of selling their stock other than the oftentimes expensive traditional route. “There has been no central marketplace that provides a platform for fellow jewelers to see what stock is available,” said Seller. The industry has not made many developments with technological innovation, however the app “makes it possible to not only sell to other professionals, but also showcase to the public which is a great way to release items from the depths of your stock and release valuable cash flow into your business.”  The app is available on the Apple store.