Charles Wyndham Urges Diamond Marketers to Fight Back

Opinion piece
01/02/2017 12:00

Since the real (forgive the pun) possibility of cultured diamonds being produced economically in volume started to become apparent, the industry has reacted with a completely closed mind ... The good news is that the woeful performance of polished diamonds is at least forcing some people to think, but thinking in the same old box is not going to do much good. Nothing is being aggressively promoted by the industry about the enormous benefits [created by] the vast majority of natural diamond mining, the jobs and wealth it creates in often very impoverished areas of the world. [Critics'] throw-away lines about the mining footprint, which they use to mislead and denigrate the natural product, such as ‘draining lakes’ in the Vogue article, are not challenged and put into a meaningful context.

- Charles Wyndham in, "A Fake Jerome and real diamonds?"