Luxify & Birks To Offer Exceptional Diamonds to Asian Buyers

25/01/2017 10:55

Luxify, Asia's premier online luxury marketplace, and Birks, a leading operator of 26 prestige jewelry stores located in most of Canada's major urban areas, is offering selective Asian buyers a more convenient and discreet way to invest in high-end, distinctive jewelry. Their initial offering features Canada's largest coloured diamond - "The Radiant North" a 35.11 cts Cushion Modified Brilliant, price tag $1,637,272 - a rare fancy 4.05 cts intense purple pink diamond and an emerald cut 7.01 cts D flawless white diamond among others exclusive gems. Florian Martigny, Co-Founder of, a start-up of over three years, said, "It is a wonderful opportunity for us to introduce Birks' unique Canadian diamonds to our local markets. Asian consumers, particularly Chinese and Indian, will continue to be an important driving force in the diamond industry." 

"China's appetite for high quality jewellery is increasing. In the year to September 2016, there was a five per cent increase in retail sales of gold, silver and jewellery notching RMB 24.9B (US$3.66B), according to the National Bureau of Statistics of China," he said. "Moreover, Chinese buyers continue to invest in diamonds making the nation the world's second-largest market for diamonds. Sales are expected to double within the next decade, according to Bain & Co, a private equity firm". Luxify is Asia's leading online marketplace for luxury, featuring new, vintage and pre-owned luxury items.