Rio Tinto Adds Dhamani As Select Atelier for Argyle Pink Diamonds

11/01/2017 15:52

Rio Tinto has appointed luxury Dubai-based jeweler Dhamani to become one of its Select Ateliers, an exclusive list of jewelers given direct access to Australia’s rare Argyle pink diamonds. The launch of this new appointment correlated with the brand’s new line of pink-diamond jewelry, the DPINK collection, showcasing more than US$25 million of Argyle pink diamond jewelry. “Dhamani are an exciting Middle East luxury jeweler with over four decades of heritage and superb craftsmanship,” said Josephine Johnson, manager of Argyle Pink Diamonds. The DPINK Collection is a glittering tribute to the beauty of Argyle’s pink diamonds and a powerful statement of Dhamani’s world-class luxury.” Dhamani, founded in 1969, has 16 retail stores in the region with branches located in Europe, Thailand, GCC- Gulf and India, and are recognized globally as being among the largest fine jewelry retail chains in the region.