Braúna Diamond Mine in Brazil Raided by Criminal Gang

Mining and Exploration
10/01/2017 11:40

Brazilian news sources, relying on information from the police, are reporting that a gang of criminals in have robbed the Braúna diamond mine. More than twenty heavily armed men on Sunday broke into the Brauna property in Nordestina, 750 kilometers north of Rio de Janeiro. They opened the safe using explosives. The criminals left in several cars and took five hostages, who were later released on a country road. The perpetrators are still missing. No announcements have been made about the value, size or even nature of their haul. The mining company processes 2,000 tons of diamondiferous kimberlite daily. Developed over many years in the Brazilian state of Bahia by diamond miner Lipari, Braúna is South America’s first kimberlite diamond mine. The mine is projected to produce up to 400,000 cts of high quality diamonds per annum over the next nine years.