Tiffany & Co. Unveils Film Highlighting Diamond Traceability & Transparency, Mine To Finger

06/01/2017 12:07

Tiffany & Co. has unveiled a short film on its diamonds, highlighting their journey through Tiffany's vertically integrated supply chain from mine to their studio in Antwerp, from Antwerp to the company’s polishing workshops in Mauritius and their final journey to New York. The film gives the viewer unprecedented access inside from inside three critical junctures of the journey from responsible mining to sorting, marking, cutting, polishing, grading, setting – and finally, the famous Tiffany Blue Box®. “This is truly a story only Tiffany can tell. We are unique among luxury jewelers in that we obtain our diamonds through direct sourcing relationships, and that those diamonds never leave the precise hands of our highly skilled artisans,” said Andy Hart, senior vice president, Diamond & Jewelry Supply, Tiffany & Co. “By our own exacting standards, fewer than 0.04% of the world’s gem quality diamonds are chosen to become Tiffany diamonds.”

Tiffany owns and operates diamond workshops in New York, Belgium, Botswana, Mauritius, Vietnam and Cambodia. Tiffany’s jewelry making facilities are also located in New York, as well as Kentucky and Rhode Island, along with a jewelry polishing operation in the Dominican Republic. Their press release states that by crafting the majority of its products in-house at its own diamond and jewelry workshops in the U.S. and across the globe, Tiffany can ensure a positive livelihood for its employees, and for the greater communities in which the company operates. “With an uncompromising commitment to transparency and traceability throughout our supply chain, we developed an industry-leading approach to responsible sourcing and manufacturing,” said Anisa Kamadoli Costa, chief sustainability officer, Tiffany & Co. “We are able to trace the path of a majority of our raw materials from origin to finished product, which is our best means of ensuring social and environmental responsibility.”

Also view the company's full sustainability video here.