Antwerp Diamond Industry Donates Season’s Greetings Budget to Charity

20/12/2016 09:22

The Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC), representative body for the Antwerp diamond community, has does something different for Christmas this year. Instead of season’s greetings gifts or cards, 16 diamond ambassadors rolled up their sleeves and volunteered at the local Antwerp charity project “Moeders voor Moeders” (Mothers for Mothers), an organization which helps young families facing financial difficulties. AWDC will share its season’s greetings video from their day at Moeders voor Moeders on social media.

In collaboration with AWDC, the City of Antwerp is organizing a diamond year, celebrating the 550-year-old connection between the city and the most sought-after product in the world, diamonds. In the run-up to this festive period, the Antwerp diamond industry launched the new campaign “Diamonds & Antwerp, it’s in our DnA”, highlighting this unique bond. At the start of the campaign, sixteen members of the Antwerp diamond community took up the role of ambassadors for the industry. Last month, they spent an entire day volunteering at “Moeders voor Moeders”. The video report of their work has been distributed as AWDC’s Season’s Greetings via e-mail and social media. 

Ari Epstein, CEO of AWDC and one of the sixteen DnA ambassadors, is very pleased about this year’s decision: “Like most companies, AWDC usually sends out season’s greetings gifts and cards, which involves certain costs. This year, we decided we would much rather give that money to those who need it more. I warmly invite everyone to like and share our video as much as possible through our Facebook page, “Diamonds and Antwerp”."

AWDC's Season’s Greetings wishes on Facebook, LinkedIn or Vimeo. For each share and like, AWDC has pledged to make a donation to the Moeders voor Moeders charity project.