Walmart Not Authorized To Sell Cartier Diamond Watches

Retail and Consumer Confidence
30/11/2016 11:37

In response to Walmart selling their $18,000 Diamond Watch on, Cartier issued a statement clarifying that Walmart is not authorized to sell its products. Walmart has more than tripled its online offering of products over the past year, and made headlines last week when the Wall Street Journal reported that a third-party vendor, New York-based Jewelry Unlimited, was selling a $18,000 diamond watch by Cartier on on Black Friday. Cartier took aim at Walmart on Monday, saying it could not vouch for the authenticity of the watches sold via

Walmart says the company does not take possession of items sold in its marketplaces, but simply provides the e-commerce infrastructure and charges a fee to the vendor. Apparently Cartier was not impressed, issuing a statement saying, “Wal-Mart is not a Cartier authorized retailer, therefore Cartier has no knowledge or involvement in the selling or marketing of this watch nor can confirm the authenticity of the piece.” However, the statement did not explicitly call on Walmart to stop selling the watches. Earlier this year, Walmart upgraded its online marketplace significantly as it seeks to compete with eBay and Amazon. Currently the site offers 23 million different products, up from 8 million a year ago.