Rare Diamond House – Antwerp Exclusive Supplier for Boehmer et Bassenge’s Magnificent Jewels

26/11/2016 08:02

Rare Diamond House – Antwerp (RDH) holds the world’s largest selection of investment grade D Flawless diamonds of 10 carats and up. Since 2008, RDH has been involved in buying, selling or valuing the majority of diamonds of this caliber that have appeared at auction. So when the newly-launched Maison de Haute Joaillerie Boehmer et Bassenge went looking for flawless diamonds of a magnitude that would be sure to create an immediate and lasting impact for their first jewels, they knew where to turn.

Boehmer et Bassenge’s first pieces of jewelry, comprised of diamonds acquired exclusively from RDH, hit the auction block at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction in Geneva on November 15: Miroir de l’Amour, the world’s largest perfect pear-shaped diamond drops - two D Flawless diamonds of 52.55 and 50.47 carats, with perfectly symmetrical cuts - sold for nearly $17.5 million (after auction premium), shattering the record for the most expensive diamond earrings ever sold at auction; and a beautiful diamond necklace, Le Jardin ’Isabelle, weighing a total of 140 carats, and featuring three central diamonds accounting for 51.56 carats – two pear-shaped diamonds of 31.38 and 12.11 carats and one brilliant-cut diamond of 8.07 carats - sold for $8 million. This spectacular debut will be hard to top, but Boehmer et Bassenge will be back at it on November 29 at Christie’s Hong Kong Magnificent Jewels auction. Where they will auction “An impressive pair of diamond ear pendants”, again exclusively using RDH diamonds.

Christie’s describes the earrings as follows: “Each pendant is set with an oval-shaped diamond, weighing approximately 11.13 and 11.03 carats, to the circular-cut diamond foliage, suspended from a diamond-set flowerhead surmount, spaced by a marquise-cut diamond, weighing approximately 1.08 and 1.03 carats, mounted in gold, 8.2 cm, with French assay mark for gold
Signed and with maker's mark for Boehmer et Bassenge.” GIA states that the 11.13 and 11.03-carat diamonds are of D color, flawless clarity, with excellent polish and symmetry, the calling card of Rare Diamond House – Antwerp. Auction price estimate: $2,000,000-3,200,000. The earrings are again being sold without reserve.