Cheetos Launches Crunch-Tastic Jewelry Collection

Fun Facts
23/11/2016 15:46

Cheetos, the finger-lickingly good snack brand owned by Frito-Lay, has launched a high-quality jewelry collection to ring in the holidays. The jewelry set, ‘Eye of the Cheetah from the Chestora Collection’, includes a one-of-a-kind gold and diamond encrusted earring and ring set which retails at $20,000. The dazzling Eye of the Cheetah, an 18k yellow gold ring, features a magnificent 4.7 carat orange sapphire. Each earring boasts matching orange sapphires, totaling 2.89 carats. The entire set is then adorned with an additional 190 black and white diamonds, totaling 3.00 carats.

Addressing the issue of “uninspired and run of mill” gifts, Ryan Matiyow, senior director of marketing at Cheetos, told Mashable earlier this week “This year, we sought to change that by creating a collection of truly unique items that really deliver against the playful and fun personality of the Cheetos brand across a variety of categories, including jewelry.” Despite what some may think, the company was quite clear about their intended audience. “It’s really [marketed] towards the ultimate Cheetos fan who really wants to put on display the love that they have for the brand,” Matiyow said. “That’s really who would be the hyper-target, I would say, for the jewelry set.” Perhaps the fact that the set is currently “out of stock” on their website means they have hit their target.

According to Jeannie Cho, VP of marketing, Frito-Lay "Chester Cheetah's exquisite 'paw-manship' is on display throughout the seriously stylish, seriously for sale, collection that will wow your friends and family with gifts they didn't even realize they have to have - until now." The rest of the exclusive and limited edition collection include perfume, cufflinks and bronzer which “provides seamless coverage and vibrant Cheetos glow for those who want to achieve a basked-in-Cheetos look year-round.”