World Diamond Council Welcomes Australia as New KP Chair, EU & India as Vice-Chairs

17/11/2016 16:12

As the 2016 Kimberley Process Plenary comes to a close, the World Diamond Council (WDC) and its president Andrey Polyakov applaud the positive steps taken in 2016, the initiatives undertaken by KP Chair UAE during the plenary itself, and look forward to the continued success of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme under the leadership of the new KP Chair, Australia. WDC writes that the further strengthening of the KPCS and the introduction of new working methods and new ways of organizing processes, were crucial at this year’s KP Plenary in Dubai, where the WDC also launched its first KP Observers Forum. "The Forum was created to give the opportunity to WDC members, industry experts and civil society partners to meet and discuss their common goals and joint efforts to promote further evolution of the KPCS and its continued success and credibility. The KP Observers Forum was attended by WDC, DDI and ADPA."

Andrey Polyakov, president of the WDC, stated that, “The first Observers Forum was a success. Among other topics, we discussed what more the industry, with the knowledge and experience we have, could do for the countries in need of such expertise. We believe very strongly that education is key. The WDC, through its members, will continue to provide accessible training; supporting and educating professionals to work in those diamond areas where this help is needed and recommended by the KP.” WDC also welcomes the initiative of the KP Chair to implement the special forums mechanism on the margins of the KP meetings. WDC further welcomes the readmission of Venezuela with the support of the full membership of the KP, and also congratulates the Central African Republic and is committed to continue its support for its further full reintegration under the agreed framework of the KP. We encourage the ongoing critical dialogue they have created with neighboring countries, and their perseverance to sustain a conflict-free trade in their country.

In addition to welcoming Australia as the new KP Chair, Polyakov states, “On behalf of the WDC and all its members, I would like to congratulate the EU and India as well, with their election as the KP Vice-chairs. We believe a consensus choice of two Vice-Chairs for 2017 and 2018 at one meeting to be an extremely important precedent. It will allow the KP to look ahead even further, empowering the stability and consistency of the organization.” As the industry’s voice, the WDC will continue its mission to further protect the integrity and reputation of the Kimberly Process. Strengthening supply chain transparency and promoting the KP to stakeholders and the public, are some of the main aspects of the WDC Strategic Plan, adopted in April 2016.