The World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) Celebrates 90th Anniversary

27/10/2016 23:03

The World Jewellery Confederation (CIBJO) is celebrating its 90th anniversary this week in Armenia. Describing itself as the “United Nations of the jewellery business,” CIBJO represents the interests of all individuals, organizations and companies earning their livelihoods from jewelry, gemstones and precious metals. CIBJO is the oldest international confederation of national jewelry trade organizations. Its purpose is to encourage harmonization, promote international cooperation in the jewelry industry and to consider issues which concern the trade worldwide. Foremost among these is to protect consumer confidence in the industry. Addressing the opening session of the CIBJO Congress, the organization’s president, Gaetano Cavalieri, stressed the independence of the World Jewellery Confederation and its commitment to serve the interests of all players in the greater gemstone and jewelry industries, regardless of size.

"CIBJO is the only organization operating in the industry that considers its area of interest and responsibility to include the entire chain of distribution, from the mine to the consumer outlet, in every country and region where jewellery and gemstones are produced, manufactured and sold. There are no size restrictions in terms of the individuals or organisations we serve, meaning that our commitment to the wellbeing of the smaller player is as solid and absolute, as is our commitment to the larger players in the business," said Cavalieri. "We firmly believe that if you tender and nurture the grass roots of the industry, the business will be inherently healthier. The only entry card into our industry should be a firm commitment to do business fairly and responsibly, always looking out for the interests of your employees, your stakeholders and your customers. Our job in CIBJO is to develop the standards, terminology, strategies and systems that will enable all individuals and companies to operate fairly and responsibly. These change over time, are influenced by economics and geopolitics, and particularly by technological developments.That is why the work of our sectors and commission is never done."

The President of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan, officially opened the CIBJO 2016 Congress in Yerevan, Armenia on Wednesday. It is the first time that a CIBJO Congress has taken place in a Central Asian country, and it is being hosted by the Armenian Jewellers Association (AJA). The second part of the opening ceremony of the CIBJO 2016 Congress featured key jewelry industry figures, including Gemfields President and CEO, Ian Harebottle; ALROSA Vice-President Andrei Polyakov; Responsible Jewellery Council Executive Director Andy Bone; and Responsible Ecosystems Sourcing Platform’s Executive Director Eduardo Escobedo.