Graff Transforms Lucara's 336-ct Rough into 52.41-ct Polished Diamond

21/10/2016 15:01

On August 17 2015, Lucara Diamond announced the recovery of, "a spectacular Type IIa, 336 carat diamond" from the Karowe Mine in Botswana, one of a number of exceptional diamonds recovered in a short period of time. In addition to this recovery, a further three exceptional diamonds were recovered that very weekend: a 184 carat stone, a 94 carat and a 86 carat stone. At the time, President and CEO of Lucara William Lamb said, “The ongoing recovery of large exceptional diamonds from the Karowe Mine continues to support the resource estimates,” and this was before the recovery of the 1,109-carat Type IIa Lesedi La Rona Diamond and the 813-carat Karowe Diamond, which at $63.1 million is still the most expensive rough diamond sold to date. Graff Diamonds acquired the 336-carat beauty and, after months of analysis, cutting and polishing, turned it into this 52.41-carat D color VS1 polished diamond of excellent polish and excellent symmetry. Watch the video here.