Customized, Vintage, But Above All Natural: Engagement Ring Trends For 2016

Retail and Consumer Confidence
20/10/2016 17:06

What do Millennials want? A question the entire diamond trade has been posing. Millennials are obsessed with the concept of individualism and crafting a unique persona, so why should selecting their engagement ring be any different? Many brides-to-be prefer receiving or even designing a ring that suits their unique personalities. Brilliant Earth, a sustainable jewelry company that offers a create-your-own option, analyzed engagement-ring shopping behavior in the U.S. The findings, based on over 30,000 data points, reveal some much-needed insight into the current buying behavior of engagement-ring-shoppers. According to the findings, "natural diamonds continue to be the most popular choice amongst couples," said Beth Gerstein, co-CEO of Brilliant Earth, noting that it's still the most popular gemstone choice.

"Many millennials want a distinctive engagement ring to express their personal style and values,” she adds. Diverting from the traditional brilliant or cushion cut gives customers the chance to personalize one the most personal moments of their lives. Their research also shows that couples are choosing semi-precious colored gemstones and fancy shapes instead of traditional diamonds. Texan women prefer ruby rings, while women from Washington D.C. prefer emeralds. Women from Wyoming are apparently still partial to vintage pieces. Do these findings mean traditional rings are uncool? Not necessarily: "There is always going to be a place for the classic solitaire set with a natural round diamond," explained Gerstein.