NUTAM Commences Trenching Operations in Namibian Offshore Diamond Field

Mining and Exploration
12/10/2016 12:11

Namibian Underwater Technologies and Mining (NUTAM Operations), a marine mineral exploration, mining and dredging entity within the International Mining and Dredging Holdings (IMDH) group – which controls the company’s Namibian and South African entities – has recently completed the first phase of its underwater diamond operations off the Namibian coastline. The company has commenced trenching operations in the Samicor ML56 and Diamond Fields Namibia ML 111 areas adjacent to where De Beers have been mining for diamonds in the Atlantic Ocean since the 1990s.

NUTAM expects the production quality to bear a similar profile to De Beers’ Namibian operations, as the underwater diamond areas are all from the same source – area. With the exception of De Beers’ own offshore mining vessels, NUTAM’s 150-meter long mining vessel, the “Ya Toivo”, is the only other ship in existence today that is capable of developing offshore diamond production. “It is a very exciting time for IMDH and NUTAM finally to have the Ya Toivo operational” said Peter Looijen, the CEO of the Group. “We have targeted many areas on the West Coast of Namibia and South Africa that we will be exploring and mining in the years to come. We fully expect our production levels to grow year on year as we continue to refine and develop our technology”.

IMDH’s first sale of the Namibian Atlantic production will be sold in Antwerp this November through DDA Trading BVBA.