De Beers Fails To Strike Diamonds in Saskatchewan, Thus Far

Mining and Exploration
02/10/2016 00:00

De Beers Exploration has advised CanAlaska Uranium that seven of eleven anomalies targeted in its summer drilling program have now been completed, without intersecting kimberlite. The remaining four targets are presently inaccessible until the winter freeze occurs. While the program finished without intersecting kimberlite, De Beers is still receiving and analyzing the data in order to better understand the physical properties and geophysical response.

CanAlaska President Peter Dasler added further thoughts on the latest results. “The large number of anomalous geophysical responses, scattered across the 100 kilometre (60 mile) long zone, provides logistical challenges. This, coupled with an abnormally wet fall season, has slowed the previous rapid advancement of this project. We look forward to winter freeze, so that the site access becomes an easier exercise.” De Beers is exploring the West Athabasca Project for diamonds under a staged $15.8 million option with CanAlaska Uranium Ltd. for diamond exploration in the Western Athabasca. CanAlaska holds interests in approximately 700,000 hectares (1.7 million acres), one of the largest land positions in Canada's Athabasca Basin region, known as the "Saudi Arabia of Uranium".