ALROSA Creating Marketing Policy Model For Next Three-Year Sales Period

Finance and Trade
20/09/2016 09:19

ALROSA Vice-President Yuri Okoemov said that the diamond miner is developing a marketing policy concept for the upcoming three-year sales period. It will take into account developments over the past three years and the changing global markets, he said in an interview with the company's corporate magazine. Okoemov did not reveal any details about ALROSA's sales policy for the next three-years, but noted that the company expects "to maintain its share of sales under long-term contracts at a level of not less than 70%".

"The main sales target for any major manufacturer is to sell its goods reaching maximum efficiency and top prices at the time of sale and in the medium term,” Okoemov said. “But speaking of our products, we must remember that ALROSA is one of the largest suppliers of rough diamonds in the world. The company's sales influence the global rough diamond market as a whole. Therefore, there are times when you have to adjust your goals in order to maintain stability in the global market sacrificing short-term profits for the sake of success in the long term."

Okoemov said that lower supplies of rough in the second half of last year helped to create some action in the market, with retailers getting through large inventories. "This year, we have seen strong demand for most categories of diamonds. During the first half of this year the company sold goods worth $2.6 billion, and it is obvious that the year-end sales results will be significantly better than in 2015. This is a good example of how we can stabilize the situation on the market taking into account the market share we have," he commented.