Fancy Color Research Foundation Unveils Fancy Color Diamond Rarity Evaluator

16/09/2016 08:20

The Fancy Color Research Foundation (FCRF) is launching what it says is the first ever industry Fancy Color Rarity Evaluator (FCRE™). The Evaluator provides proprietary rarity estimates for all yellow, pink and blue fancy color diamonds based on the diamond’s carat weight, color, color intensity, clarity and shape. It will provide a range estimate for the number of such diamonds unearthed in mines each year and will allocate them a Rarity Level, from Common to Super-Stone.

"In recent decades, fancy color diamonds have been sold with a grading lab report, such as that of GIA," the FCRF said in a statement. "While the report provides important information concerning the diamond’s physical traits it does not provide information about rarity. Collectors and investors have depended on qualitative information from miners, auctions houses, retailers and wholesalers to obtain rarity information. The FCRE™ adds an essential tool for collectors that goes beyond the grading lab report by documenting, analyzing and processing this significant factor. The FCRF began to develop this important tool at the request of jewelers and institutional investors for high quality rarity data. Since fancy color diamond rarity data had never been institutionally documented in the past, the FCRF began to systematically collect supply information from leading miners and grading labs and to analyze and process this data. After more than five years of development the FCRE™ is now being launched."

The FCRF is partnering with select high-end jewelers to introduce Rarity Certificates in the fourth quarter that will accompany select diamond jewelry pieces.