DiamondCorp Ready to Reel In Large Diamonds at Lace Mine, S. Africa

Mining and Exploration
15/09/2016 17:03

We’ve got a mine, we’ve got grade, we’ve got the carat value and we’ve got $1.5bn of diamonds in the ground to be mined in the next few years. To date, the amount of kimberlite that’s been mined and processed in ramp-up is really only equivalent to one month’s worth of production of ore from the first block. But already we’ve had a 22 carat stone and lots of plus-eight carat stones. It’s only a matter of time before we pull in a 50 carat stone or a 90 carat stone. It’s a numbers game because we know they’re there.

- Diamondcorp's Paul Loudon on overcoming initial obstacles and long-term value of Lace Mine (S. Africa) on eve of first Antwerp tender