I. Hennig Tenders To Hold Three Rough Diamond Tenders in Antwerp

Rough Market
14/09/2016 15:36

I. Hennig Tenders, a leading independent international diamond tender operator, will be holding three rough diamond tenders in Antwerp during the month of September in Antwerp, offering clients a full range of original goods. These include: a Superkolong Rough Diamond Tender, featuring full production from the Kimberley Tailings Mineral Resource in South Africa, with consistent assortments and a full range of sizes and qualities; an Angolan Rough Diamond Tender with a large quantity of original Angolan goods in a full range of sizes and qualities; and a Sierra Leonean Specials Tender featuring original goods from Sierra Leona, described as an, "Exquisite selection of +10ct and exceptional single stones." The tenders are by appointment only and will be held from 19 - 22 September.